The History of Ada Baptist Temple

The History of Ada Baptist Temple

January 15, 1981 Pastor and Mrs. Eberle moved from Missouri to Ada, Oklahoma for the purpose of establishing an independent Baptist Church. The Gary Spaulding Family accompanied the Eberles and helped during the first year of Ada Baptist Temple’s history.

Ada Baptist Temple had eighteen present at their first service on February 6, 1981 in a rented 30′ x 50′ store building located five miles out of the city where they met and grew for ten months. When the church was averaging 45-50 in attendance, they rented a small church building at the corner of 16th and Constant Streets where they met for five months before purchasing their present facilities.

This building of over 16,000 square feet was once a public school building constructed during the 1940′ and 1950’s. The brick used in the building was brick from the first brick school ever constructed.

When Ada Baptist Temple was only 3 months old, they reached a high attendance of 424 with 27 professions of faith that day. In 1991 over 220 were saved and more than 80 were baptized. For over 30 years now, Ada Baptist Temple’s history has been marked by a keen evangelistic spirit and a close family type fellowship within the church.

Ada Baptist Temple is an old-fashioned, independent, Baptist Church that takes a strong stand for the Word of God and against sin. Fundamental in her doctrinal stand and premillenial in her interpretation of prophecy, Ada Baptist Temple is patterned after the early church in the New Testament.

A major step forward was made in 2011 when the church called Bro. Mickey Hollars to serve as Co-Pastor of the church. Since his coming, other staff members have been added and plans are being made to relocate the church to property on North Country Club Rd. in Ada.

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