Meet Our Staff

Mickey & JoAnn Hollars

Pastor and his wife

Bro. Mickey & Sis. JoAnn were married in 1972. They have 3 children. Donna Schepers, wife of Missionary Stewart Schepers, missionaries to the Dominican Republic. Craig Hollars and his wife, Leigh live in North Carolina. Gloria Clark and her husband, Greg, live in Anchorage, Alaska. They have fourteen grandchildren.

Bro. Hollars spent 15 years as Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor serving under his father-in-law, Bill Jackson in Duncan, Oklahoma. He pastored Baptist Temple in Ft. Worth, Texas for twenty years. Under Pastor Hollars’ leadership the church grew from 30 in 1987 to averaging 400-500 with high days of over 1200. They averaged 200 baptisms per year for the 20 years. They were home to the Baptist Rescue Mission, Temple Baptist School, and Temple Baptist College. They had a dynamic missions program sponsoring over 12 missionaries.

Pastor Hollars spent 5 years as a teacher at Champion Baptist College in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He and his wife came to ABT in May 2011.

Sandy & Christi Little

Associate Pastor and his wife

Bro. Sandy and Mrs. Christi were married in 1995. They have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. Currently, the girls are students in Bible college and the boys are home-schooled high school students.

Bro. Sandy has served in the ministry as Bus Director, Christian School Principal, Youth Pastor and many other roles. Mrs. Christi serves along side her husband and helps any time she is needed.

They both have a genuine love for the young people and children they get to serve.

Pedro & Teresa Alvarez

Spanish Pastor and his wife

Bro. Pedro and his wife are long-time members of Ada Baptist Temple. Bro. Pedro has a burden to reach the Spanish-speaking people of Ada and the surrounding area.

Johnny & Dianah Stephens

Children’s Ministry Director and his wife

Bro. Johnny and Mrs. Dianah Stephens were married in 1986 and have four children, Matthew, Faith, Leah and Caleb. Bro. Stephens served as Youth Pastor at Fair Avenue Baptist Church in Gainesville Texas for over 2 years. He attended Temple Baptist College in Fort Worth, Texas. Bro. Johnny also served as Assistant Director at the Baptist Rescue Mission for 2 years and as Pastored in Southwest Oklahoma for 3 years. He has served in the bus ministry. For 20 years Bro. Johnny’s passion has been serving as teacher, preacher, and director of various children’s churches. Statistics show that 76% people are saved between ages 5 and 12 and Bro. Johnny’s heart and calling are for those young people.

Tammie Tackett

Church Secretary

A valuable asset to our ministry, Mrs. Tammie grew up at ABT before going off to Bible college in ’94. From there she went to work at Calvary Boys’ Ranch where she served for almost 15 years as part of the staff team. In ’09 Mrs. Tammie and her family moved back to Ada to serve the Lord here at ABT. She and her husband Stephen, have 5 children, Courtney, Will, Bowdrie, Chase and Aryah.